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We are a  team of passionate members that help our clients be disruptive innovators : to  help them identify weaknesses in their customer experiences and then use  innovative customer insights to  create exceptional customer value. 

What our clients gets immediately get are the advantages the background of the company possesses. We are top of the line engagement professionals with a solid background as concierge,a profession that are known to provide a service at a much higher quality level than the typical customer service delivery. 

We  have scaled the entire proposition and have remarkable high touch platforms in place. Added to this is the fact that we can relate immediately to our clients and their end users alike with a global delivery service model, world class infrastructure, supplier networks,marketing assets and supporting technology .This provides us a significant competitive advantage, while we focus on servicing customers from a contextual, as opposed to a product-based or transactional, perspective,both within India and globally.

Delivering Exceptional Value

In a digitally ubiquitous  world where a single tweet can erode a brands value, where customers have unlimited options, you can either stick your head in the and pretend customers do not have the power or then we can create exceptional experiences that rise above what the customer “expects “and demonstrate a deep understanding of what the customer “loves’ or  hates “.

Given the world we live in, we can no longer understand our customer by grouping them on their age, ethnicity, economic status, gender and geography. This gets you nowhere on a good day and bankrupt on a bad day.  Companies can  no longer  afford to sit on thrones and decide how customers are going to like them. It is that time where companies will have to work to demonstrate their awesomeness and will  have to throw their arms around their customers  and see them as the key to successful business ( which they inevitably are )

Disruptive Innovators


We are a company that helps our clients be disruptive innovators : to  help them identify weaknesses in their customer experiences ( i.e. the old school customer service ) and then use  innovative customer experiences to  create exceptional customer value.  We do this by first implementing a unique connection architecture : the ability to connect anything to anything, anytime and anywhere. Our proprietary service of deep profiling, Soul of the Customer ,  helps our clients know what their customers love and what they hate.

Club Concierge delivers exceptional non fractional human experiences  across both digital, non digital and blended channels,  throughout a wide range of customer types, that are far above a customer’s baseline of expectations. Our  services are both dynamic and layered in that it is constantly changing and improving to ensure relevancy to customer types.

Abiding Devotion


From planning and strategizing to implementing and optimizing fruitful measures for the current and future marketing investments of our clients, we are the one-stop destination for numerous corporations.
We have a deep experience in working as a strategic customer loyalty building partner to the world’s best known brands – luxury, consumer, telecom, automotive, private residences, destination clubs, and more. We help structure uniquely differentiated services and products and in turn help them create passionate loyalty, engage their customers, and drive real profits.

‘Experience – Way and Beyond’

Is the mantra that fuels our eclectic operations .From lifestyle managers to the account management teams, from our leadership team to those who work with the clients and customers on a daily basis, everyone works with the same aim.

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