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Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards

Dipali Sikand is the driving force behind designing and implementing programmes for the world’s best-known brands and generating delight by consistently anticipating and exceeding their expectations.

She has been hailed as the “Queen of Thinking Beyond” with her exceptional flair of structuring uniquely differentiated services and products that help her clients engender passionate loyalty, engage their employees and customers and drive real profits.  Along with her team, Dipali plans, strategizes, implements measures and optimizes strategies of her clients current and future marketing investments, adding significant value to her clients’ mission for building revolutionary engagement.

The global Client Services team at her companies have significant experience managing affluent customer programs for Global 500 corporations. Over 300 companies across many geographies, today leverage the capability of one or the other of her specialised engagement companies. To ensure that she builds solutions with focus, her company: Les Concierges focuses on employee centric programmes while Club Concierge is a customer-driven company whose prime directive is to generate customer delight. Each of these companies are managed separately with experts that drive with a “no is never an option” mind frame.

The HR professional turned-entrepreneur has driven the creation of completely new profession worldwide, by taking the famed hotel “concierge “mainstream and bringing this magical mindset for the first time in to the corporate world.

Dipali’s approach, experience and understanding of building relationships with customers helps her ensure her companies are a superior marketing partner. Their mantra, Service, Way and Beyond, is lived and breathed by every member of their organization, from lifestyle managers to account management teams to their top personnel to those that work with our clients’ customers on a daily basis.

Dipali has taken a long-term investment approach in terms of her best-in-class professional team that helps drive their unique approach and real time pulse in helping their clients build their loyalty metrics. She believes that their approach has tangible impact on the quality of the customer experience, and by extension on the customer’s brand loyalty to their clients. 

Dipali, who insists her life is more dramatic than a soap opera, has invested in building an operational footprint has the ability to closely monitor and manage customer experience standards on a global basis. The footprint ensures the best access possible for clients and their customers on a global basis, and the highest potential for local servicing in any market.

Club Concierge has been chosen as one of Asia’s Greatest Brands 2016 for its outstanding work. It is a company that drives its clients to be disruptive innovators: to help them identify weaknesses in their customer experiences and then use innovative customer experiences to create exceptional customer value. Club Concierge delivers exceptional non-fractional human experiences across both digital, non-digital and blended channels, throughout a wide range of customer types, that are far above a customer’s baseline of expectations. The services of services are both dynamic and layered in that it is constantly changing and improving to ensure relevancy to customer types.

Today, along with a seasoned team of creative and brilliant leaders, service innovators, designers and experience specialists Club Concierge is the partner to longstanding clients such as Samsung, Tata, Godrej, IBM, Accenture, Intel, Vodafone and more. Its experience spans across 23 international cities. Its experts cover all major geographies of the world with offices in major cities to ensure ground relevancy and seamless fulfilment.

Ms. Dipali Sikand is the Founder of Les Concierges, Club Concierge, Mindescapes, Club Social and IndiaMums and serves in each of these companies as Managing Director. She is characterized by as aggressive with entrepreneurial skills. Since its formation, the Companies, under her mature leadership and direction, has solidified itself in the A well-rounded managing director in breadth and depth of experience, she coordinates with her team to ensure that the strategic and tactical direction of operations are fully aligned with the Company’s overall vision and core values. She creates policies, processes and protocols; oversees approved actions and strategies; and ensures they are put into action and monitored for their compliance and effectiveness. Her experience and qualifications, her exposure to an international environment and her astute grasp of business and strategic management enables her to efficiently handle her various functions. Using her excellent insights into her client’s industry market dynamics and their needs allows her to take full advantage of new opportunities and move fast with the right strategy into the marketplace. Performing all duties as necessary to ensure continued soundness and stability of operations, Ms. Sikand actively represents her companies with clients, investors and the community in which she works and lives. She aggressively markets the Company with the goal of winning new clients and expanding its existing relationships. Open-minded, innovative and a forward-thinker with verbal and negotiating skills of the highest order, she is focused on the solutions and not the problems in overcoming business hurdles. This allows her to create go-to-market strategies that are based on ‘best’ practices that differentiate the Company from industry competition. Providing benefits for others, she enjoys seeing people appreciating what she has to offer. Fulfilling her clients’ needs in the most efficient and responsive manner, Ms. Sikand plans to expand further globally and make sure people lead a more stress-free life. Driven by performance and reputation, her strong business acumen and dynamic management style has been the strength on which the Company has achieved tremendous strides in the marketplace. She reflects professionalism and experience.

Why worry about tomorrow and take away today’s strength?” The sentence may seem too metaphysical to many but for Dipali Sikand, this has been the very core of her upsurge from rags to riches and from failures to successes. The lady rose from nothing to building an empire in the uncharted territory of concierges that not many dares to roll into. It all began 20 years ago “My entrepreneurial journey started because ‘Motherhood was the necessity for invention’. I look back today and see what seemed to be end of the world was really not the end at all.

To raise her son Aditya, Dipali had to move to Bangalore to be with her parents. “Circumstances didn’t allow me the luxury of more than a week to be at home and enjoy being a new mum, and I was back to work with a smaller telecom company in Bangalore,” reminisces Dipali. But with time, she grew tired of pushing personal files and deciding peoples’ promotions and percentages of increments. “I needed something more exciting to do,” she quips. This is when she found an opportunity to study human resource deployments in China while staying in Singapore.

“I was not prepared for a life juggling between home and office and not having the Indian luxury of home assistance: someone to take care of my entire home, bills, shopping, laundry, cooking, groceries and so forth.”

This was a Eureka moment for her and she dreamt of an all-purpose coordinator, a home guru, an errand runner, a Merlin Houdini that would be able to help many like her take the stress out of daily tasks by giving it to someone who could not only deliver it faster but more efficiently.

Dipali’s contagious passion, her strong grit and determination to take this to the industry as a best practise saw light of day and the rest is history.

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