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Asia's Greatest Brands & Leader 2016 Pri
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Asia's Greatest Brands 2016

Renowned in the industry for delivering exceptional non -  fractional human experiences across both digital, non – digital and blended channels, throughout a wide range of customer types that are far above a customer’s baseline of expectations, Club Concierge has been dedicatedly offering dynamic and layered services in its consistent efforts to ensure relevancy to all its customers.

Its proprietary service of deep profiling, soul of the customer, has immensely helped its clients find and understand what, in turn their customers love and what they hate.


Having developed a best – In – Class professional team that completely believes in its unique approach, and understands the real  - time pulse of their clients, it has forever created a tangible impact on the quality of the customer experience, and by extension on the customer’s Learning consistently, they today possess deep experience in working as a strategic customer loyalty building partner to the world’s best known brands in the domains of luxury, consumer, telecom, automotive, private resideneces,  and destination clubs.


In the first pace, Club concierge was able to develop a unique business concept because of its keen observation capabilities of recognizing the gaps in a brand’s customer service promise and the actual experience. Thus, it concentrated on building a unique architecture platform by creating disruptive moments of wow, and created fresher benchmarks for its competitors by consistently developing revolutionary ideas.

No wonder, Club concierge has successfully trebled its sales revenues based on aggressive word of mouth and referrals by its existing clients, as they have provided consistently high net promoter scores to it.


Growing exponentially, club concierge has strengthened its operational ability to closely monitor and manage customer experience standards on a global basis.

Their global client services team has significant experience managing affluent customer programs for global 500 corporations.

Spanning 20 years and 23 international cities, club concierge has partnered with longstanding prestigious clients such as Samsung, Tata, Godrej, IBM, Accenture, Intel, Vodafone, delivering exceptional value through its seasoned team of over 700 creative and brilliant leaders, service innovators, designers and experience specialists.

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