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Club Concierge has stood ahead of the curve delivering exceptional value.

To create true distinction and value in customer engagement, we believe it has to be about excellence all around.


Client Delight

Our live customer engagement Happiness meters and NPS scores show that , 94% rated us above average or outstanding in various measures of service excellence. Our clients walked the talk; client retention has been 100% and stands as a hugely impressive mark in an industry marked by turnover. Our clients comment on our professional’ “depth of insight” and “passion,” noting that the firm consists of “the best ever".

Peer Recognition
Over the last 3 years, we have won several awards .The awards include some of the regions and industry’s most prized awards. Today we considered as the best in our business across Asia Pacific, surpassing agencies with far greater reach and revenues.

Industry Leadership/Reputation

 We have cemented our reputation as one of the most successful, visible and admired engagement  companies .Founder and Managing Director, Dipali Sikand is among the most visible and influential women entrepreneurs in the country and has won several awards including Asia's Greatest Leaders twice in the last 2 years and is the  Asia Pacific Winner ( APEA Awards ) 2018.

Employee Delight

We have a remarkable team and our turnover remains at 0%, among the lowest in any industry. A recent internal survey found that 99.5 % of employees feel motivated and challenged by their work. The internal culture is grounded in transparent communication – the foundation for a trusting, team-based, high-performing company.

We prize and supports volunteer service, and the team at Club Concierge have contributed to providing drinking water in villages to participating in events to sponsor facilities for the deserving, while passionately upholding a Pets at Work policy, friendly Green perks for those that cycle to work and a Everyday's a Friday programme with upbeat activities that pep up the work place.

Business Performance 

Club Concierge revenues have grown 186% in the past year, an extraordinary success  unsurpassed in the industry.  


Club Concierge has been recognized and awarded globally for its path breaking work. This speaks volumes of  our disruptive and creative solutions and validates the tremendous effort of our leadership team and every member that works with us.

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