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The advent of the internet and wealth generation have, resulted in raising the bar significantly in terms of customer satisfaction and service level requirements, as brands are expected to perform as well as, or even better than, customers could do on their own and  required brands to “reinvent” the ways they have traditionally communicated with and related to their best customers.

As a result companies have found their own customer servicing and communications structures and assets to be lacking in relation to these new challenges, and have instead looked to Club Concierge to provide  “high touch” or “concierge level” service, to service their customers.


Club Concierge recognizes this need and the competition companies have to face to  retain their Most Valuable Customers and through its services, directly addresses this lacuna.


Concierges make life easier.

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, Club  Concierge  provides a round the clock access to a virtual personal assistant that can provide them with anything, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy 24/7 access a complete and dedicated lifestyle management service tailored to  personal requirements. From booking an extravagant travel itinerary to sourcing hard-to-find gifts, our Concierge specialists are on hand to ensure you experience more.


The concierge service helps ensure our clients are maximizing every interaction with their customers.

  • Provides  a service that is highly relevant to their lifestyle and can be used frequently

  • Provides a level of access through partnerships that engage the luxury consumer and reflect positively on the brand

  • Generates significant real and perceived value through structured lifestyle benefits with best-in-class brands and suppliers

  • Offers a highly personalized, one-to-one relationship between an assigned lifestyle manager (with support personnel) and the customer

  • Features the industry’s top website

  • Provides the client with a multi-channel marketing strategy that will drive usage


Connect. Collaborate. Concierge. Contentment.

Club Concierge provides a  “Most Important Person” program for residents of top notch buildings that  enables builders and societies  to recognize their residents  and provide them a valuable service amenity around the clock.

Work-life balance refers to the equilibrium between work and personal life or how residents need to  prioritize time and effort. The goal is to allow them to enjoy every facet of their life while living in a wonderful community. The concierge services helps them  balance in all areas of life, which in turn increases resident satisfaction.

This is why every powerful  Loyalty programme in the world ensures the Concierge is its pivotal benefit. It is the personal warmth of the concierge that assure that help is always there when needed.

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