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Activating high premium customers influence for a leading jewellery brand

When India's best known jewellery brand was looking to know its top spending customers better, they approached Club Concierge to help them with this challenge for 15000 customers.

Club Concierge deployed its proprietary tool : Soul of Customer :  to help the company find hidden sources of value that would help the company drive exceptional, differentiated customer experiences. By helping the brand rank their product and service features, Club Concierge located opportunities to create a closer connect and thereby bolster connections with these customers, helping drive top-line growth and bottom-line results.   

To do this,Club Concierge assigned value to a broad set of customer experience attributes broken down into jewellery industry-specific elements and then ranked by what the target segment valued most. Our methodology employed a conjoint survey technique to reveal insights that were then honed to improve precision.

Outcome : A  new programme is being developed to  build a strong affinity with these MVIP customers that would leverage huge positives to the brand.  

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