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At India Happiness we believe that  Gross National Happiness is more important than the GDP. Indeed, GDP is a reliable indicator of economic health. As reliable as it is, however, GDP really only measures one thing -- money. While Gross National Happiness is measured by 4 pillars :  Good Governance, Sustainable Socio-economic Development, Preservation and Promotion of Culture and Environmental Conservation :at India Happiness we believe that the words of our leaders set the momentum.  In the age of tweets where moods are set, India Happiness tracks real time twits and shows you the joy ( and otherwise ) our leaders set as interpreted by the artificial intelligence tool directly.


Club Concierge has deployed its proprietary tool Happiness Work™s to do this for its client : the professional wing of one of the country's leading political party. Happiness Works ™ first captures real time tweets from select  political leaders of the country and then with IBM Watson™ Tone Analyzers’ amazing artificial intelligence capabilities, expands to provide a tone sensitivity for reflecting the happiness quotient their tweets emit.

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