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Club Concierge helps businesses find the often hidden sources of value that drive exceptional, differentiated customer experience. By helping companies rank their product and service features, Club Concierge locates opportunities to create value and thereby bolster top-line growth and bottom-line results.


Club Concierge assigns value to a broad set of customer experience attributes broken down into industry-specific elements and then ranked by what target segments value most. Our methodology employs a conjoint survey technique to reveal insights that can be honed to improve precision.


Club Concierge uses industry specific methodologies that are customisable to each business.


Soul of Customer

Locate the sources of value behind truly exceptional customer experiences Winning with customers means putting them first. That’s why we developed the Soul of Customer : to allow our clients to focus on real consumers—their needs, wants, and preferences—and
allow us to build this for them.

The journey of all our customer programmes begins with our Soul of Customer.  We help identify  elements critical to pleasing customers and growing our clients business. Through our proprietary processes and  tools and the work done by us on this, our clients get to  know what their customers love and what they hate.

Soul of the customer points the way to value— and profits—by identifying ways to serve the complete range of customers–by uniquely identifying ways to better serve the ever-changing demands of customers and what they value.



Deep Profiling

Deep profiling  helps to better understand customers and make it easier to tailor our programme content to their specific needs and behaviors.  Our deep profiling service ferrets into customer dynamics and builds personas for our client.


An effective persona is based  on  concierge  type research and insights into  the Customer base that is built over time and interactions, through several touch points and  moments . Using this we develop  individual touch point and have on-hand a complete profile of the customer.


Club Concierge uses industry specific methodologies that are customisable to each business.


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