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Les Concierges is the worlds largest and finest work/life benefits provider, servicing over `600 clients at 1900 plus client sites, providing meaningful on site work focused concierge services to over 1.6 million employees, at over 22 global cities. This is the finest employee benefit that addresses & resolves real issues as employee productivity, retention & stress. Our client companies are therefore able to aggressively address hidden costs of employment which inadvertently affect company their bottom lines.

Our services are limited only by imagination ,to that which is ethical and morally correct! We ensure an employees 24 hours are best deployed to doing that which is critical to them and the company, while we handle their "to-do" list faster& more efficiently, Our onsite concierge are an employees 'personal assistant, travel guide, entertainment adviser home maintenance guru ,errand runner, party planner.." all rolled into one.  

Some of our specialized employee solutions in action include :

  • A client, a ITES support company with over 9000 employees who were under the age of 28, who worked on night shifts, 50 % of them single bachelors : we built a service that was highly relevant to their millennium  lifestyle and featured benefits in entertainment, dining and adrenaline rushing experiences. 


  • An IT major with 120000 employees around India with over 11000 employees residing or travelling internationally :  We opened a global 24X7 help line for them, no matter where they were , at what time, our concierge were on hand to help them with their unfinished personal work in India ensuring they didn't have to worry by being away.


  • A banking major, wanted to do something special for their employees : something to say thank you to them : knowing that 60 % of them were staying away from their home towns , we proposed and launched the first ever Parent Concierge programme where we went back to the parents of each employee , found their unfinished bucket list and with the help of our client , fulfilled these wishes , much to the delight of the employees.


  •  A FMCG major looking to encourage to recruit and retain women employees, we developed a special Diva Ladies concierge programme  with a set of exclusive services for designed for working  women



  • A construction major with over 200000 employees needing to set up base  in far off remote areas at times, have access to a simple concierge service that helps us deliver their favourite food to them once a month amongst many other services

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