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Ready, Set , Walk!

The goal of the Walking Challenge is to work up to at least 10,000 steps a day. Have fun with it! All of your daily steps count - be it a long walk around the park or a quick trip to your neighbours house. 

We will provide you with a goal for each day and will let you know when you have achieved this! The whole challenge has been divided into milestones, and as you walk the course of the challenge , you will scale from easy to tougher goals for each day. The objective is to get you to do 10000 steps a day : the amount of steps needed to lead an active life.

What's more there are amazing prizes to be won at each milestone and as always the first walker to complete the challenge wins big ! 

Don't forget to fill your happiness index and keep updated with the leaderboard that shares results instantly of your colleagues and those of the others competing in the same challenge. Instant notifications will also keep you informed of the Champion Walker you have become while keeping you motivated to walk that one more step toward total wellness.

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