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Personal Assistant Service for  premier mobile
subscribers in Egypt

Club Concierge back-ends the very popular Personal Assistant Services for Egypt's largest mobile provider with over 150000 active users monthly. The program has only increased in subscriber numbers and usage year after year. The programme has been designed to ensure it customers benefit with the convenience of having their lives taken care of by a simple call on their phone. 

These include

Travel: All travel related services including hotel bookings, ticket reservations, cruises, packages, visas, Haj , Umra, airport transfers, VIP meet and greet at airports etc.

Entertainment : Cinema tickets, theatre and concert tickets, sport tickets etc in Cairo and anywhere in the world.

Dining: Restaurant reservations, Home delivery of food from restaurants that don't deliver, party and event catering.

Gifts and Flowers :  Within Egypt and anywhere around the world


Errands Door to Door Delivery of all pharmaceuticals,groceries, vegetables, meats 


Laundry Services.

All utility and Bill Payments.

Book Doctors, Hospitals and all medical related appointment

Arrange for all Home maintenance, carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter etc

An awarding programme, Club Concierge has helped its client achieve a unique differentiation and a large service USP.  

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