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Unleashing the Übermensch Experience

'I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best,” commented Oscar Wilde. The concierge services at IS Paradise ensure the best for those who want the best out of life.

Exclusively for IS Paradise at Jaipur most valued residents, Club Concierge has created the most personalized, proactive, exclusive level of service Club Concierge Premier.

Through the appointment of Club Concierge Premier Lifestyle Managers, who will choreograph every last detail , each residence will experience and receive a completely bespoke service. Our premier team at IS Paradise is the most experienced, well connected, and creative group of individuals, who are always steps ahead preempting requests, to ensure the residents will always get the very best out of their Premier membership.

From insider access to the most exclusive and ultimate events, including Members only gatherings, specially curated benefits in travel, entertainment and dining, that guarantees they receive outstanding benefits and services, no matter where they are. From VIP airport meet and greet services, special accesses to lounges across the globe, Gold status with the countries top hotel chain, complementary golf games, no request is too big or small.

When you know a greater PARADISE is possible, it seems impossible to live with less.

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