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Experience Privé Care

Client: Tata Housing


Tata Housing, renowned for its luxurious and prestigious residential projects, aimed to create an unparalleled living experience for the residents of Prive, their private hillside residences in Lonavala, India. The challenge was to provide a comprehensive range of exclusive services that catered to the needs and preferences of the high-profile residents, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable lifestyle.

Solution: Club Concierge partnered with Tata Housing to establish Privé Care, a bespoke concierge service designed to elevate the living experience of Prive residents to new heights. The dedicated team at Club Concierge focused on every detail to ensure that residents enjoyed impeccable service and had access to a wide range of personalized amenities and conveniences.

Key Features of Privé Care:

  1. Personalized Concierge Services: The Club Concierge team at Privé Care went above and beyond to cater to the unique needs and preferences of the residents. From organizing weekend barbecues to recommending local tours and dining options, the team took care of every aspect of the residents' lifestyle, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable experience.

  2. Property Management: In addition to personalized services, Privé Care extended its expertise to property management. The team took care of maintaining the private gardens, ensuring a lush and serene environment for the residents. They also ensured that the residents had a steady supply of books, movies, and music to enhance their leisure time.

  3. Exclusive Access and Recommendations: Privé Care leveraged its extensive network and local knowledge to provide residents with exclusive access to top-notch services and experiences. Whether it was arranging VIP access to events or recommending the finest dining options, the team curated a collection of exceptional experiences tailored to the residents' preferences.

Results: The introduction of Privé Care by Club Concierge had a profound impact on the living experience at Tata Prive, Lonavala. The bespoke concierge service created a seamless and luxurious lifestyle for the high-profile residents, resulting in several key outcomes:

  1. Elevated Living Experience: Privé Care enhanced the overall living experience at Tata Prive by providing personalized and attentive service. The residents were able to enjoy their time without the hassle of managing daily tasks and errands, allowing them to focus on relaxation and indulgence.

  2. Stress-Free Lifestyle: The Club Concierge team at Privé Care took care of every detail, ensuring that residents had a stress-free and convenient living experience. From property management to arranging exclusive access, the team handled all aspects of residents' needs, allowing them to enjoy their luxurious surroundings.

  3. Exclusivity and Prestige: Privé Care's curated services and recommendations added an exclusive and prestigious touch to the residents' lifestyle. The access to top-notch amenities, experiences, and personalized attention elevated the stature of Tata Prive, attracting high-profile individuals who sought a truly exceptional living environment.

Privé Care at Tata Prive, Lonavala, established a benchmark for luxury living with its impeccable concierge services and attention to detail. Club Concierge's partnership with Tata Housing resulted in a truly exceptional living experience for the residents, solidifying Tata Prive's reputation as a haven for India's most discerning individuals, including film stars, top sports professionals, and business elites.


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