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Welcome to Community Social:a by invite  only  product solution brought to you from Club Concierge. 

The foundation of this app is, simply put: Connect.Collaborate.Concierge.Contentment.


This app is the private social, assistance and enjoyment  link for all  members that are part of a unique community : be it a residential block, building, area, a common interest group , a special interest group etc,.


Seeing that we rely on social networks like Facebook and Instagram so many important parts of our lives,we realized something was missing.  That part of our lives that’s closest to home. That part of our identities that has to do with where we live, where our kids go to school, our local communities, our neighborhoods. That part of our lives where we share something in common:an interest, a hobby, a passion, with a select few.    

This is what Community Social is all about. A private personal network. And to this network is added access to a Genie that takes away stress as well and brings back fun to your life. While good neighbours and friends help bring back smiles, a great Concierge service  helps elevate life.

Community Social has a great app platform on which this solution is is provided to our clients for their customers. The app has some amazing connecting and collaborating tools and is customized and white labelled for multiple uses by our multiple clients. 

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