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At Club Concierge we set out to make great customer engagements, but we know that to do that we have to be a place to foster greatness. A place where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to put their best work to helping many, with very little in their way.

We do know, though experience, that being an excellent engagement company makes us a superior marketing partner. Our mantra, Service, Way and Beyond, is lived and breathed by every member of our organization. Our experience has been that this type of service-focused, customer-driven culture has a tangible impact on our customer satisfaction rates, and therefore on economic drivers important to them

We have a  long term investment approach in terms of our hiring and retaining best-in-class professionals. We believe that has tangible impact on the quality of the customer experience, and by extension on our client's customer’s brand loyalty that we pursue to build.

Our credo encapsulates our culture. We are a place where the genuine care and comfort of our members is our highest mission.

We have only one rule : Passion Rocks, Common Sense Rules.

We owe our success to the creativity, passion and determination of our team that lives our mantra of service beyond expectations to life each day. Everyone of our offices has dedicated experience  managers on hand to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Dipali Sikand

Nisha Verma
Director,Customer Experience

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-14 at 3_edited_ed

Aditya Sikand


Dhiraj Agrawal
Asst.Vice President-Procurement & Supply Chain

Samar Singh Rathore
Director,Global Sales

Roji Mathew

Santosh Kumar Kunjan
Vice President - Alliances


Rohit Ram Deshpande

General Manager
Social Enterprise

Ashutosh Sharma

Isha Knox

Alliance Manager 

Raviraj Singh Shaktawat

Lifestyle Manager

Manager-Creative & Communication

Shiva Kumar M V

Yandup Tamang


Ramniwash Singh
Assistant Manager-Operations

Manjunath K S

Lifestyle Manager

Rajan Paul
Assistant Manager-CEM

Kiran G G 


Alisa Mishra

Assistant Manager -
Human Resources

Lohita HD



Shireen Ishrat Siddiqui

Lifestyle Manager


Graphic Designer

Bhuvaneshari Singh

Sr.Lifestyle Manager

Guneet Chopra

Lifestyle Manager

Tushar Agarwal

Lifestyle Manager

Prateek Salvi

Lifestyle Manager

Ashwin Sam Chacko

Lifestyle Manager

Swaroop N R

Lifestyle Manager

Akash Prajapat

Lifestyle Manager

Mani Mozhi

Lifestyle Manager

Puskar Mohan

Lifestyle Manager

Arun Kumar


Tushar Banerjee

Lifestyle Manager

Jatin Gupta

Lifestyle Manager

Mrutyunjay Sahoo

Admin Executive 

B Monisha

Lifestyle Manager

Renuka Halla

Lifestyle Manager

Swaroop P P

Technical Admin



Field Executive

Naveen Adhana

Field Operations


Ajay Rathore’s

Lifestyle Manager

Vijay Devkar

Field Operations

Siddarth K S

Graphic Designer

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