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Allow us to introduce the Club Social network and how you can reward your top clients with the benefits of global membership at preferential rates.

The Club Social was conceived to facilitate convenient access to a network of exclusive private clubs around the world for a sophisticated and discerning membership. Today, The Club Social has a global network that opens doors to over 350 of the world’s most illustrious private membership clubs. Each club in our network is carefully selected to exacting standards, thereby ensuring convenient locations and excellence in design and decor, golf, athletics, recreation and leisure amenities; variety in dining and high standards of personalized service.

Club Social's  prestigious clubs are established in the heart of their respective cities and act as a business and social base for a wide range of internationally minded senior business travelers. The Club Social  membership card opens doors to exclusive venues not available to the public, including interesting club events.

Such prestigious clubs as:

  • Princeton Club of New York

  • Towers Club, Singapore

  • Wanderers Club ,Johannesburg

  • Bowring Institute, Bangalore

  • Haddows Club Chennai

  • Pune Boat Club, Pune

  • Calcutta Rowing Club, Kolkatta

  • Defence Colony Club, Delhi

  • DLF Club , Gurgaon

  • PYC Gymkhana Mumbai

…are listed among the 350 ++ Club Social network of clubs across 40 global cities.  

A Club Social membership provides unprecedented accesses and  benefits  at these clubs. We have carefully selected and curated partner clubs, facilities and services  that are most representative of a level of status and prestige that you truly deserve.

As a member, you benefit from visitor privileges.We ensure that our members’ lifestyles, businesses and travel requirements are well taken care of by the unique benefits, elite amenities and ongoing preferred rates consistent with the very best.  With a wide range of amenities, be it for sports and leisure :golf courses, swimming and tennis : be it for that business trip: prestigious venues suitable for stay, conferences or be it for entertainment : great food and drinks and events : we have you covered in key cities worldwide.

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