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Personal Assistant Services,Egypt

Club Concierge recognizes the importance of building member experiences that foster loyalty, engagement, and happiness. With a focus on creating personalized and exceptional experiences, Club Concierge designed and deployed a unique program

for a large telecom mobile provider in Egypt. This case study highlights the success and impact of the Concierge Personal Assistant Services program, which aimed to provide comprehensive support and personalized assistance to the provider's subscribers.

Challenge: The telecom mobile provider in Egypt sought to differentiate itself in a highly competitive market by offering a unique value proposition to its subscribers. The challenge was to design a program that would enhance the overall customer experience and build loyalty, while providing tailored assistance to meet the diverse needs and preferences of the subscribers.

Solution: Club Concierge collaborated closely with the telecom mobile provider to develop and implement the Concierge Personal Assistant Services program. Key elements of the program included:

  1. Dedicated Personal Assistants: Subscribers were assigned dedicated personal assistants who served as their primary point of contact for any assistance or support required. These personal assistants were trained to understand the individual needs and preferences of the subscribers and provided personalized recommendations and solutions.

  2. Comprehensive Support Services: The Concierge Personal Assistant Services program offered a wide range of support services to subscribers. This included assistance with bill payments, service activations and deactivations, device troubleshooting, account management, and personalized recommendations for entertainment, dining, and travel.

  3. Exclusive Offers and Privileges: Subscribers of the program enjoyed access to exclusive offers, discounts, and privileges. This included priority access to new device launches, special data and voice packages, VIP treatment at partner establishments, and invitations to exclusive events and experiences.


  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: The Concierge Personal Assistant Services program significantly enhanced the overall customer experience for the telecom mobile provider's subscribers. The dedicated personal assistants provided a high level of personalized support and assistance, ensuring that subscribers' needs were met promptly and efficiently. This resulted in increased satisfaction and loyalty among the subscriber base.

  2. Improved Engagement and Retention: The program achieved substantial traction and engagement with over 1,500,000 subscribers. By offering comprehensive assistance and exclusive privileges, the program increased subscriber retention rates and reduced churn. Subscribers appreciated the personalized touch and convenience provided by the personal assistants, leading to stronger brand loyalty.

  3. Moments of Customer Wow: The program generated numerous moments of customer wow by delivering exceptional service and exceeding subscriber expectations. From resolving complex billing issues to organizing exclusive experiences, the personal assistants consistently went above and beyond to create memorable experiences for the subscribers.

  4. Positive Brand Perception: The Concierge Personal Assistant Services program positively impacted the brand perception of the telecom mobile provider. Subscribers perceived the provider as a customer-centric organization that prioritized their needs and delivered personalized assistance. This perception translated into a positive brand image, increased customer advocacy, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Conclusion: The success of the Concierge Personal Assistant Services program demonstrates Club Concierge's expertise in creating and curating loyalty and engagement experiences. By providing personalized support, exclusive privileges, and moments of customer wow, the program significantly enhanced the customer experience for the telecom mobile provider's subscribers in Egypt. The program's success reinforces the importance of tailored assistance and comprehensive support in building loyalty, engagement, and happiness among subscribers.


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