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The dedicated team at Club Concierge® has strived relentlessly for 25 years to secure the exclusive registration of the term concierge® in India. Synonymous with being a miracle maker, an expert in accessing the inaccessible, and setting the benchmark for exceptional services, we take pride in our unparalleled commitment.

Impacting Industries 
Delivering powerful engagements across geographies

Customer Connections 

Foster strong customer connections through exceptional benefits, insights, and extraordinary engagement strategies.

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Residential Experience

Elevate the residential living with exceptional benefits, personalized interactions, and services that inspire lasting connections.

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Channel Empowerment

Strengthen channel partnerships by enhancing the partner experience, uncovering insights, and fostering loyalty and success.

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Engage, Insight, Decide
Powerful Innovation for Engaging Insights & Decisions 

Royale Butler

Royale Butler transforms rewards, delivering seamless management and exclusive incentives. As your ultimate rewards concierge®, we create customized programs that inspire loyalty and engagement.

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Club Social®

Exclusive Club Social® membership offers unparallel benefits, providing access to 3000+ super-premium clubs in 150 destinations. Engage, network, and elevate experiences for value and relationships.

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From ordinary to extraordinary, Club Concierge® offers 24/7 access to a global personal assistant. With 25 years of pioneering concierge® services in India, our "concierge®" mark ensures unmatched service and expertise, maximizing every interaction.

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Revolutionize, Inspire, Transform
Revolutionary programs for extraordinary engagement

Go Champion Go

Club Concierge® empowered individuals to achieve their daily 10,000-step goal with engaging features like milestones, prizes, leaderboards, and notifications, promoting wellness and healthy competition.

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Club Concierge®'s innovative solution for an Indian client combines content and commerce, creating a vibrant marketplace that fosters fairness, sustainability, and enjoyment in online business.

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Tinkering Studio®

Club Concierge® partnered with a builder to create Tinkering Studio, where creativity thrives. It offers open-ended building projects with real tools, turning thoughts into tangible creations.

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Experience unforgettable moments created by Club Concierge®.

Ron Kaufman: World's #1 Customer Experience & Service Culture Expert | Keynote Speaker speaks about Club Concierge®

Insights & News
Stay informed and inspired with Club Concierge®

Client Success Stories: How Club Concierge® Transformed Loyalty and Delivered Exceptional Results.


Recognized and awarded for our exceptional work.

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