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Club Concierge recently launched a first of its kind Concierge Services for Bureaucratic To-Dos

The Problem

Our client , an affordable housing builder, wanted to provide its 4000 residents in a community project, assistance in time consuming dreaded complex but must have must do areas. After an analysis we found the residents had challenges that ranged from : “In 2003, I got married and took a day off work to change my name, After I sat in line for four hours trying to do this on my own , it turned out I had the wrong forms.”

"It took me 2 weeks of running around to get my gas transferred from Pune to Mumbai and the local agency couldn't even help me with basic processes."

" I needed to get my school examination records certified and just didn't have the energy after work to run around to do this "

" My father expired suddenly at home. I didn't know how to go about getting a doctors certificate or releasing an announcement in the requisite newspaper

" I needed an international driving license for driving in Egypt : had no idea how I could do this "

" Needed help with my property registration and the change of the electric meter from the builder to my name"


We launched a special Concierge Services for Bureaucratic To-Dos' - as a key help line benefit to all 4000 + residents in this community. Access to a help desk managed by functional experts advising and working to help keep these residents away from spending their precious hours on challenging to do's. Easy reckoners, advise, best suppliers, authorized agents to work with, with a business model focused on eliminating tedious wait times.

To drive maximum awareness of this new benefit, Club Concierge collaborated with the facilities team to develop onsite marketing communication camps. The launch materials provided contextual usage examples and highlighted the “time saving nature” of Concierge. Special focus was given to promoting the service by providing a reason now how our client, the builder, cared for their precious time, and how they now need not take the day off to get their complicated to do things done .

The Results The program was immediately successful and has become a much talked about relief. "Once they come here, they never want to go back to trying out a solution without talking to their expert helpline concierge"


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