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Living the Parisian Dream

The French live by the maxim - Joie de Vivre. They lead very passionate lives. They form deep meaningful conversations out of the simplest things in life. The French love their breads and cheeses as much as their wines and chocolates. The French believe in style and in looking their best.

The all new concierge at Paris ( a beautiful French inspired residential complex in Mumbai, from the Kanakia Builders ),in collaboration with Club Concierge, now offers its residents the finest service, some of which are specially curated for the discerning residents.

RAISON DETRE Access to the top new bars and nightclubs Learn to dance like the French : CanCan to Ballet !

BON APETIT Learn how to make Michelin Star meals right in your kitchen The Gourmet In You – Learn how to pair wines and cheeses, all about haute cuisine Make your own French chocolates and unleash the culinary giant in you.

À LA COTE "On the rocks," VIP access to the hottest shows in town. CREME DE LA CREME Private wine tastings cheese and gastronomic dinners. SAVOIR-FAIRE

VIP shopping for designer suits for men and wardrobes for women Private VIP shopping tours for custom-made hand-bags Private VIP shopping for designer wedding gowns made to order, as well as custom-made suits for men and designer wardrobes for women. Shopping with a wardrobe consultant and personal stylist who can deliver authentic French chic without wasting time

BON VOYAGE Exclusive VIP holidays from off the beaten path to the luxurious. Hotel upgrades and special amenities

AMUSE-BOUCHE Fresh baguettes, hot croissants, fresh coffee, pain au chocolat : home delivery of the best French Bakeries in town

A BLOC Whether you love cycling or just watching competitions like the Tour de France, our monthly cycle tours are great fun to be part of. AVANT-GARDE French Art & Literature orientation and appreciation. Learn to create your own masterpieces as well as identify and appreciate the classics

All that is Paris is now in Mumbai ! An absolutely special lifestyle curated by Club Concierge.


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