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Exclusivity Unleashed: Elevating Cardholder Engagement

Client: International Credit Card Company

Challenge: The client, an international credit card company, aimed to increase usage of its concierge service among its credit card customers. Research conducted by the company revealed that customers who regularly utilized the concierge service exhibited higher spending patterns and were more likely to refer the credit card to others. The challenge was to find a solution that would encourage more customers to engage with the concierge service, leading to increased usage and overall cardholder satisfaction.

Solution: Club Concierge, in a long-standing partnership with the bank, collaborated closely to develop a targeted strategy to promote and enhance the concierge service. The focus was on providing regular, highly targeted offers and experiences that would capture the attention of credit card customers and encourage them to utilize the concierge service more frequently. Key features of the solution included:

  1. Highly Targeted Offers: Club Concierge worked closely with the credit card company to curate a range of exclusive offers and experiences tailored to the interests and preferences of the cardholders. This included last-minute table availability at top restaurants, ticket alerts for upcoming events, exclusive cinema events, VIP red carpet experiences, and travel offers and inspiration.

  2. Personalized Communication: A comprehensive communication plan was implemented, utilizing various channels such as email marketing, mobile notifications, and personalized recommendations through the credit card company's digital platforms. The communication was designed to engage cardholders with relevant offers and highlight the value and convenience of the concierge service.

Results: The implementation of the targeted strategy resulted in significant improvements in concierge service usage and cardholder engagement. Key outcomes of the campaign were:

  1. Increased Usage and Penetration: Within a year, the number of unique service users more than doubled, with the penetration of cardholders utilizing the concierge service increasing from 12% to 26% of the total portfolio. This indicated a higher adoption rate and increased satisfaction among cardholders.

  2. Rise in Concierge Requests: The total number of concierge requests per month witnessed a 50% increase, surpassing the client's objectives. The diverse range of targeted offers and experiences captured the interest of cardholders, driving them to utilize the concierge service more frequently.

  3. Improved Email Open Rates: The email marketing campaigns saw a substantial improvement in open rates, with the average rate increasing from 25% to 40% within 12 months. Some email campaigns even achieved open rates of over 70%, indicating a high level of customer engagement and interest.

Following the success of the campaign and the significant increase in concierge service usage, the credit card company extended its concierge contract with Club Concierge for another three years. The collaboration between the credit card company and Club Concierge successfully achieved the objective of driving usage, enhancing customer satisfaction, and establishing the concierge service as a valuable benefit for cardholders.


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