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Revolutionizing Urban Living with Homeler

Club Concierge's In-Home Hospitality and Experience Platform for an Upcoming Real Estate Project in Pune

Client: A real estate builder in Pune


The real estate builder wanted to differentiate their upcoming luxury apartment complex from competitors in the area. They wanted to provide a unique experience to their residents and make their lives as hassle-free as possible. They also wanted to offer premium services that would help them stand out from the competition.


Club Concierge proposed a unique program called Homeler, an in-home hospitality and experience platform. Homeler is designed to provide residents with 24/7 assistance from a dedicated Homeler who is available to manage all of their household needs. The Homeler can automate services such as daily/weekly pick up, dry cleaning, unpacking and breaking down Amazon and Big Basket packages, stocking the kitchen, and managing other offline and on-demand services like home maintenance. Essentially, Homeler can provide a range of services that you’d typically find in a five-star hotel, but in the comfort of the residents' own homes.

The Homeler program includes a Homeler Surveillance device to ensure the safety and security of residents' homes. This provides an extra level of assurance to the residents and their families that their homes are secure even when they are away.

To ensure that the Homeler program is tailored to each resident's needs and preferences, the Homeler keeps a detailed record of their favorite products and brands. If residents opt-in, Homeler will automatically restock their homes with their preferred essentials, such as their favorite toothpaste or breakfast cereal.


The Homeler program has been a huge success. The real estate builder has been able to differentiate their luxury apartment complex from the competition and attract a new segment of high-end renters. The Homeler program has also helped increase retention rates, as residents feel more connected to their homes and have a greater sense of security.

Club Concierge has continued to work with the real estate builder to refine the Homeler program and make it even more tailored to each resident's needs. The program has become a selling point for the builder, who is now looking to expand the Homeler program to other properties in the region


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