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The Leading Handset Mobile Dealer Program

Introduction: Club Concierge, a leading provider of innovative loyalty solutions, partnered with a prominent handset mobile company to develop a groundbreaking program aimed at nurturing loyalty and engagement among its top dealers. Through in-depth research in social psychology and leveraging the concept of status endowments, Club Concierge designed a program that delivered impactful and influential partner wow moments, resulting in sustained Social Wellbeing and enhanced loyalty.

Objective: The primary objective of the program was to create a sense of influence, belonging, and acceptance for the leading handset mobile company's top dealers by providing them with exclusive privileges and personalized experiences. Club Concierge aimed to motivate dealers to maintain their status within the Preferred Circle of Achievers and foster long-term loyalty towards the brand.

Program Construct:

  1. Lifestyle Manager: A dedicated team of passionate loyalty experts, known as Lifestyle Managers (LSMs), was assigned to each dealer. With a high ratio of dealers to LSMs, the program ensured personalized attention and delightful experiences for every dealer and their families.

  2. Soul of the Customer: Club Concierge utilized deep profiling methods to gain insights into the dealers' preferences, interests, and motivators. This comprehensive understanding allowed for the creation of individual touchpoint journeys and the delivery of exceptional, relevant experiences.

  3. Privileges: The program focused on delivering a curated collection of privileges designed to cater to the dealers' desires and aspirations. These privileges included social, discovery, entertainment, and aspirational benefits, providing a sense of exclusivity and enhancing the overall dealer experience.

Science behind the Privileges: Club Concierge incorporated behavioral science principles to maximize the impact of the privileges offered. Loss-aversion was utilized to create a desire among dealers to maintain their status and achieve higher tiers. Regular refreshment of benefits ensured the sustained subjective value of the rewards, preventing diminishing returns and maintaining high satisfaction levels.

Conclusion: Club Concierge's strategic approach to loyalty and engagement through The Elite Dealer Program helped the leading handset mobile company strengthen its relationship with top dealers. By nurturing status endowments, providing personalized experiences, and incorporating behavioral science principles, Club Concierge successfully created a program that enhanced loyalty, motivated achievement, and drove business growth for the leading handset mobile brand.


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