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Engaging Customers in CSR: Planting a Zillion Trees

Engaging Customers in CSR: Planting a Zillion Trees

Case Study: Introduction: A leading retail major sought to establish a distinctive engagement program with its customers by focusing on a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity. To create a meaningful and interactive experience, Club Concierge collaborated with various Tree NGOs across the country to facilitate tree donations through an eCommerce platform. The initiative allowed customers to contribute towards specific tree types, and in return, they received personalized recognition on a dedicated website and photographs of the trees being planted.

Objective: This case study showcases how Club Concierge successfully engaged the retail major's customers in a CSR activity focused on tree planting. The primary objective was to create a unique and impactful program that would resonate with customers while promoting environmental sustainability. By partnering with Tree NGOs and implementing a transparent donation process, Club Concierge aimed to foster a sense of ownership and pride among the customers.

Approach: Club Concierge worked closely with Tree NGOs to identify genuine needs for fruit and other trees across the country. Through the eCommerce platform, customers were given the opportunity to choose the type of tree they wished to contribute towards. For every contribution made, one pixel on the Zillion Trees website was dedicated to the donor, symbolizing their support. Additionally, the program ensured that each donor received photographs capturing the actual planting of the trees, allowing them to witness the impact of their contribution firsthand.

Results: The engagement program designed by Club Concierge generated significant customer participation and achieved notable outcomes. By providing customers with a tangible and personalized experience, the retail major successfully fostered a sense of connection and involvement in the CSR activity. The transparent donation process, coupled with the recognition on the Zillion Trees website and the photographs of tree planting, created a strong emotional connection between the customers and the cause.

Conclusion: Club Concierge's collaboration with the leading retail major exemplifies the power of engaging customers through CSR activities. By leveraging an eCommerce platform and partnering with Tree NGOs, the program successfully encouraged customers to contribute towards tree planting and environmental conservation. The personalized recognition on the Zillion Trees website and the provision of planting photographs added an extra layer of engagement and transparency, enhancing the overall experience for customers. This case study highlights Club Concierge's ability to create impactful and purpose-driven engagement initiatives that align with CSR goals and foster strong connections with customers.


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