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Go Champions,Go

Case Study: Introduction:

Club Concierge collaborated with a global telecom major to drive engagement and prioritize the health and well-being of their 10,000 feet-on-street (FOS) employees across India. The Go Champions Go app, designed by Club Concierge, served as a powerful tool to fuel a nationwide engagement program centered around health benefits and incentivizing FOS to prioritize their well-being and avail the complimentary health check-ups offered by the client.

Objective: This case study highlights how Club Concierge partnered with the telecom major to create an engaging and motivating app-based program that aimed to improve the health outcomes of FOS employees. The goal was to provide a platform that not only reminded and incentivized FOS to undergo regular health check-ups but also rewarded them for achieving various health-specific milestones.

Approach: Club Concierge developed the Go Champions Go app, which served as a motivator and reminder for FOS employees to prioritize their health. The app was structured around health benefits, offering complimentary health check-ups for FOS and their family members. It provided a user-friendly interface that allowed FOS to track their health progress, set goals, and receive personalized recommendations. The app also incorporated a reward system, where FOS were incentivized and recognized for achieving specific health milestones.

Results: The implementation of the Go Champions Go app led to a significant increase in engagement and participation among FOS employees. By leveraging the app's features and incentives, FOS employees were motivated to prioritize their health and take advantage of the complimentary health check-ups offered by the client. The app served as a powerful tool to remind, track, and reward FOS for their health efforts, resulting in improved health outcomes and overall employee satisfaction.

Conclusion: Club Concierge's collaboration with the global telecom major demonstrated the effectiveness of the Go Champions Go app in driving engagement and promoting the well-being of FOS employees. By leveraging the app's features, the telecom major successfully created a culture of health and wellness among its FOS workforce. The app served as a powerful motivator, reminding and rewarding FOS for their efforts in maintaining good health. This case study exemplifies how Club Concierge's innovative solutions can drive engagement and improve employee well-being in large-scale organizations.


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