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Creating Lasting Impressions

Client: Global Telecom Major

Challenge: The global telecom major faced the challenge of engaging and retaining their top 500 dealers across 200+ cities. They sought a partner who could create a unique and exclusive experiential program that would leave a lasting impression on their most important stakeholders.

Solution: Club Concierge was retained to design and execute a meticulously crafted program of unforgettable experiences for the top 500 dealers. The program offered exclusive accesses and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that money simply couldn't buy. Each experience was tailored to create a sense of exclusivity and appreciation for the dealers' loyalty.

Results: Within just three months of the program's launch, Club Concierge's innovative and committed approach garnered recognition from the client. They were awarded as the most innovative and committed partner, showcasing the positive impact the program had on dealer engagement and loyalty.

Now in its third year, the program continues to thrive, strengthening the relationship between the global telecom major and its top dealers. Club Concierge's high energy, passion, and ownership of the program have played a pivotal role in building the most coveted loyalty program in the industry.

Testimonial: "There is no better partner than Club Concierge to manage your most important stakeholders. We are absolutely delighted to work with them. Their high energy, passion, and ownership of the program have helped build the most coveted loyalty program in the industry. This stands testimony to their work, year after year, ensuring the ROI we get from the program exceeds all expectations." - Program Head

Club Concierge's ability to deliver unique and unforgettable experiences has cemented their reputation as a trusted and innovative partner in enhancing customer loyalty and driving business success.

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