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Building Bonds with Top Channel Partners

Client: Global Insurance Major

The client, a global insurance major, sought to establish and strengthen relationships with their top channel partners in order to increase loyalty and drive business growth. They wanted to design an exclusive program that would create a unique and unparalleled experience for their channel partners, fostering a deep sense of loyalty towards the client's brand. The goal was to ensure that the client remained top of mind for the channel partners and their families, building strong and long-lasting connections.

Solution: Club Concierge was entrusted with the task of designing a first-of-its-kind program that would captivate the channel partners and their families, generating a high level of stickiness to the client's brand. The program was meticulously crafted as a six-tiered system, tailored specifically for two-wheeler and four-wheeler original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – the most sought-after partnerships in the insurance industry. This comprehensive program addressed the client's objective of cultivating happiness and loyalty among their 15,000 channel partners spread across 450 cities in India.

Key Features of the Program:

  1. Exclusive Benefits: The program offered exclusive benefits to channel partners and their families, ensuring they felt valued and appreciated for their partnership with the client.

  2. Tiered Structure: The program was structured into six tiers, each offering a unique set of rewards and privileges based on the partner's performance and contribution. This tiered approach motivated channel partners to achieve higher levels of engagement and loyalty.

  3. Personalized Experiences: Club Concierge curated personalized experiences for channel partners, including special events, VIP treatment, and access to exclusive offerings, creating memorable moments that strengthened the bond between the partners and the client.

  4. Nationwide Reach: The program spanned 450 cities across India, ensuring that channel partners from various regions could participate and benefit from the program.

Results: The collaboration between Club Concierge and the global insurance major yielded exceptional results in building bonds with top channel partners. The innovative and carefully designed program exceeded expectations, generating a high level of engagement and loyalty among the channel partners.

The program's exclusive benefits, tiered structure, and personalized experiences created a sense of recognition and appreciation for the channel partners, enhancing their commitment to the client's brand. The nationwide reach of the program ensured that channel partners from diverse locations had the opportunity to participate and benefit from the program, further strengthening their loyalty and relationship with the client.

Club Concierge's expertise in designing and implementing loyalty programs for channel partners proved instrumental in helping the global insurance major achieve their objective of building strong bonds and driving business growth. The program's success reaffirmed the client's position as a preferred partner for two-wheeler and four-wheeler OEMs in the insurance industry.

By consistently delivering exceptional experiences and fostering deep connections with top channel partners, the client positioned themselves as a trusted and valued brand, solidifying their market presence and achieving sustainable business growth.


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